Review Policies

Thank you so very much for visiting our blog. Whether our reviews come from books given or purchased, arc or review copies, you can be sure that all our reviews are honest and fair. We are in no way compensated and our opinions are our own and unaffected by any influences.

First and foremost, if you find yourself reading this, thank you so much that you are interested in being featured on our blog. We are open to a variety of author feature posts and welcome you to contact us if you have something in mind that would be fitting to our readers. For feature opportunities, please email us at or contact us.

We will require the following information for our reviews:

  • Release date
  • Book synopsis (as detailed as you can be)
  • Reasons why you believe we would enjoy this book in particular
  • Comparison titles (if it is a debut author/author we have not read before)
  • Why you believe we would be a good fit for your book
  • Time frame for when you wish the review/feature post to be posted
  • Anything else we should be aware of

Please see below for our respective review policies.

If you are requesting a review from us, expect that we will post reviews in a timely manner, respective to the release date (unless a timeframe is specificed). Once reviews are posted here, they will be cross-posted on Amazon, Barnes and Noble Booksellers, and Goodreads. All that being said, keep in mind the following:

We are book lovers and love nearly all of the books that come in our hands and give us the opportunity to read. All reviews reflect our personal opinions and tastes and will not be influenced by anyone else. There will be times that we will not enjoy a book. Never will a review be written out of malice or to create unnecessary negativity toward an author or publisher. Any negative reviews will be constructive and will be written with a thoughtful, but critical eye.

We reserve the right not to finish ARCs or review copies if we feel that we did not connect with the book enough to do so. Reviews may be written in reflection with this.

I accept books in both print and electronic format (epubs). I’m usually willing to give almost any book a try as long as it sparks my interest, and I do try to never give up on a book. I will always express my honest opinion on anything I read, and I cannot promise to review a book even if you send it. I will try my best to review all the books I can.
My genre of choice is young adult fiction, but I do read adult fiction as well (leaning more towards historical, thrillers, and romances). I love novels that are diverse, that have female characters with depth, and that don’t rely on tired cliches.  As a librarian, I tend to post my reviews for ARCS a little farther in advance than most since I order books one to two months in advance, but if you have a specific timeline, please let me know.

Genres I Don’t (Generally) Read

  • Nonfiction
  • Biographies
  • Poetry

I accept books in both print and electronic format (epub, mobi, or pdf). Keep in mind that the time between reading and writing a review may vary because of work, but I tend to be a quick reader while commuting to and from work.To be quite frank, I stick to young adult fiction but would not mind reviewing new adult, middle grade, children’s, and picture books.
Currently Accepting the Following Genres:

  • Contemporary
  • Dystopian
  • (High) Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Romance

Genres I Don’t Read

  • Self-published
  • Horror
  • Nonfiction
  • Biographies
  • Poetry

P.S. Fair warning, when I review, it tends to in less than 12 hours that I have read the book and most likely, my review will be the gross accumulation of my emotions spiraling into abyss.